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 Access to parks and pedestrian-friendly public spaces has proven to be vital to cities around the world in the past few years. With global population on the rise and cities becoming denser, public realm has never been a more central aspect of urban living and planning. 
However, some initiatives such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and temporary ‘al fresco dining’ measures have attracted local opposition and negative publicity, demonstrating how challenging transforming public spaces can be. So, what is the key to successful placemaking? How all stakeholders work together to create financially sustainable and socially engaging places? 
This year-round programme explores the transformative role of active placemaking in the regeneration of London’s town centres, parks and streets; including the role of culture and heritage, management of green and blue spaces, community representation and inclusive design to create places that work for all Londoners.


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A new city: the women shaping public spaces


A new city: the women shaping public spaces

In this webinar, we explore how women are shaping public spaces and influencing planning processes to prioritise accessi...

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Design district


Design district

Matthew Dearlove, Head of Design at Greenwich Peninsula, shows Peter Murray around Design District, a new and permanent...

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