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Reimagining the Great Estates

Tuesday 28 May 2024

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The narrative of London's evolution is hugely defined by London’s great estates. NLA’s recent publication Great Estates: Models for Modern Placemaking in collaboration with RIBA Publishing, discusses the profound impact of enduring land custodians—estates, charities, and foundations—who have meticulously overseen vast areas of the capital across the centuries. 
Several among those showcased have been pioneers in adopting sustainable building practices, repurposing spaces creatively, and investing in high-quality public areas and cultural initiatives that extend the conventional boundaries of development projects. Within London's competitive global landscape, both historic and modern estates are navigating new challenges and opportunities. What lessons and opportunities can be shared and learned from these challenges?
The principles that sit behind these estates come from their commitment to the long-term, their wider holistic view of place and ability to adapt to change, core principles championed in the New London Agenda. How can we support everyone, including the public sector, and communities, such as Community Land Trusts, to embrace the key teachings from the great estates? 
Watch back this symposium that unravels the intricacies of long-term placemaking and the diversity it brings, alongside insightful discussions exploring how newer and historic estates are shaping and reimagining the future of London's landscape. How can these custodians adapt their strategies to meet the increasingly crucial ESG standards while continuing to cultivate places of lasting value for generations to come?

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Great Estates


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London School of Economics


Reimagining the Great Estates


Reimagining the Great Estates

16 May 2024

Great Estates: Models for Modern Placemaking


Great Estates: Models for Modern Placemaking

By bringing together many of the capital's original and newer great estates, the second edition - produced after a decad...

Great Estates: Models for Modern Placemaking


Great Estates: Models for Modern Placemaking

A decade later, and having collaborated with many of the estates over the years, we felt it was a good moment to revisit...

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